History of the Band

In October 2012 Scott (drummer) started a band with a few friends. The band wanted to be involved in the community so they chose two charities to support with funds raised at gigs. Seven years later the members of Sonyk Vortex continues to have a blast rocking out for charity!




I’m the drummer for Sonyk Vortex. I mostly play drums, but I also play piano, guitar, bass, alto saxophone and the violin. My favorite band is Bring Me The Horizon.


Riley on Guitar

I am a singer-songwriter and guitarist. I have many musical influences including Weezer, Green Day, Ramones, and Deftones. My guitar of choice is a Carbonetti, custom-made for me by Jimmy Carbonetti from the Brooklyn-based band Caveman. I love being a part of Sonyk Vortex. 


Elliott on Guitar

I’m a singer-songwriter and I play lead guitar for Sonyk Vortex. I have musical influences from just about every genre but the most influential group for me has been Grateful Dead. “If you get confused listen to the music play.”


Sophie on Bass

I’m the bass player in Sonyk Vortex. I enjoy playing electric bass, but I also play stand up bass, cello, and play a little bit of guitar. I love to play jazz and rock. Some of my favorite bands would be The Beatles, The Strokes, Fleece, and Nothing But Thieves.